I don’t subscribe for extra content. I do it as a way of respecting the words you write. I love your posts about what you’re reading.

As an author, I’m also really feeling the weight of asking you to talk about a book that’s already someone you used to be :). I like the words from who you are now, the tangle and insight and discomfort that happen on the edge of becoming.

You don’t owe me anything. Become. Share as you want to. Your words matter.

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wow thankyou Debora! That's really kind.

The tangle and insight and discomfort that happens on the edge of becoming. What a great phrase. You might see that turn up someplace :)

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Jul 8, 2022Liked by patty krawec

Lol - writers, colliding in each others’ heads since forever.

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On another topic, since you brought up Thor: Have you watched Ms. Marvel?

While my wife isn't a superhero fan (she has no idea why I like scifi/fantasy, and my complicated relationship with Doctor Who), she looked over my shoulder and started asking questions. Her parents are Bengali - from West Bengal, the part that remained part of India after Partition, with East Bengal becoming East Pakistan and then Bangladesh. My in-laws, who live just across the street from us, survived partition.

No spoilers if you haven't watched, but there is more non-Western history/culture there than I expected in a Marvel production.

I have my personal opinion about Dharmic and Abrahamic cultures, and the over-prominence of other Abrahamic cultural references within European/Christian media (like in Canada/USA), but this was better than I expected.

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I subscribed to give you some money to buy, read, and tell us about more books :-)

And to thank you for the engagements on social media.

Some of your thinking about the differences within Abrahamic religions has been very thought provoking. When I read Genesis I hear what I was taught growing up in Christianity, and I see so much of what is wrong with the Western world in that book. I felt that wrong existed universally across all peoples who consider that to be their Genesis story.

As you have written elsewhere (The Horse, the Wheel, and the Doctrine of Discovery) -- what if the Church (and not only Christianity) instead of being or propping up the colonial states (Christianity and Islam both have this problem), instead worked toward better relationships between peoples?

Will see how much of that thinking is in the latest book, or if you have more to share as you continue your reading/writing/reading/etc....

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