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I like to put books in conversation with each other, to see how one speaks to another and highlights or challenges the things being said. What can we learn from the places where we leave one writer and encounter another? That’s what I’m on about and what will be available in the free section. Weekly, or so, essays about whatever I’m reading and how it connects with other things I have read.

My own book in early 2020, and I’m already a different person so it can be unsettling to work through revisions and want to change everything, update everything. And so the paid subscription will get, along with my undying gratitude for making it possible for me to produce freely available writing, exerpts from the book along with reflections about why I did, or did not, make the changes that tempted me. Because you can’t change everything, at some point it has to go to the editor and become a real thing. A book is a snapshot of a life in motion. Until the book releases in September of this year, paid subscribers are getting a monthly reflection on each chapter.

Founding members can make suggestions about what books they want to hear my reflections on. It costs more because you might be asking me to think through a book I don’t own yet.

The existence of founding members also gives me the ability to provide subscriptions to people who may otherwise not be able to afford them. So thankyou for that.

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